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Plastic Paddlers

The problem,

Heavy rain and flooding tends to wash bottles and other plastic waste into the river and from here it then washes down stream and into the ocean adding to the worlds plastic pollution problem.  


What can Hire a Canoe do about that?

Without you... Nothing. We are offering litter picking equipment and a discount voucher from your next canoe trip to collect litter as you go.


When do we do this?

The River Severn is a reasonably clean river and we would like to help keep it that way, the more plastic we can stop reaching the sea the better.


Want to get involved?

Email; [email protected]     Call; 07397 005 355



We will meet you at Montford Bridge and at the end we will return you to your car.


We will provide all the needed equipment from gloves, litter pickers, bin bags and of course all canoeing equipment.


You do not need to be an experienced canoeist to attend and you can attend alone (we will mix you in with everyone else)


Free Transport


How it works...

Looking for more of what we offer?


We have three canoe centres located at...

Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury




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