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Looking for a 1, 2 or 3 day stag party ? Then one of our Canoe & Camping trips is the perfect solution.

Canoe or Kayak


Our most popular Stag  & Hen party route on the River Wye


The River Wye is a fantastic destination for stag & hen parties with gentle rapids and plentiful campsites


- Saturday... Paddle from Glasbury to Whitney, Here you can either wild camp at a fantastic location we've agreed with the permission to have a fire and make plenty of noise. Or alternativly camp at the local pub.


- Sunday... Paddle down to Bycross campsite. This is where we will pick you up and return you to your vehicles.


...Again this is just a suggested route which is totally flexible for you to chop and change


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Canoe & Camping trips on the

River Severn

£30 Per Person per day



Our most popular River Severn stag & hen party route


- Friday ... A half days canoeing from the royal hill down to Montford Bridge where we have a campsite and onsite bar/restuarant


- Saturday... A full days canoeing from Montford Bridge in Shrewsbury where we meet you and drop you at a hotel of your choice (or can return you to montford bridge campsite)


  - Sunday... either a half days canoe down to Atcham or we can collect you and return you to your vehicles at a time of your choosing.


..The above is our most popular but if you feel you would like a different option please feel free to give us a shout and create a weekend perfect for your group.

Canoe Hen party

Canoe & Camping trips on the

River Wye

£30 Per Person per day